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Montana Creative architecture + design is a cutting-edge design firm in Northwest Montana, the combination of two leading Flathead Valley design firms: Grover + Company Architects and Elden Creative Design.


As a small and highly diversified firm, MT-Creative is dedicated to designing great buildings that embody client’s dreams, the rich cultural heritage of NW Montana, and fresh, contemporary perspectives. We provide Architectural and Design services for a range of projects:


• Residential

• Commercial, Resort & Hospitality

• Multi-Use

• Municipal & State

• Medical & Educational


Montana Creative maintains key alliances with consulting Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, and all manner of talented and trusted building trade professionals regionally and across the country. Integral to the MT-Creative philosophy for any project is the engagement of a team that will be able to provide the highest level of expertise for every client and project.


MT-Creative continues to lead in the use of 3-D building information modeling software as a primary drafting tool. This empowers clients, consultants, and the firm with a more complete understanding of any project. Primary consultants work in the same systems, resulting in tighter budgets, fewer mistakes or changes in construction, faster schedules, and a finer end product.


Invested within the Whitefish community, all with growing families active in NW Montana outdoor adventure and mountain town culture, the team at MT-Creative collaborates with bright vision to forge enduring creative relationships and smart designs.


Look for us on Facebook and Houzz, or call us in the Whitefish office at 406.862.8152.


We look forward to learning more about the “why” behind what you are moved to create. And working together to bring it to life.